Growing Pains – Should You Rest or Push on Through?

Is your child experiencing pain with sport?  Is there pain and tenderness perhaps at the front of the knee, or at the base of the heel, which settles down with rest but quickly returns with more activity?

Mike at Back In Motion explains, ‘this is very likely to be ‘growing pains’, a condition where inflammation occurs where the tendons attach to the bone.’

‘Growing pains can be put down simply to the fact that bone grows at an accelerated rate compared to the muscle. This puts extra strain on tendons and bone attachment sites that, when combined with sport can result in a painful and often debilitating condition.’


How to Manage Growing Pains

    Quite often a search on ‘Dr Google’ results in a misdiagnosis followed by a condition worsening because it’s left untreated. Physiotherapists who are skilled in assessing and managing sporting injuries can help with a specific diagnosis.
    Once a diagnosis has been made the Physiotherapist can assess the severity, irritability and nature of the condition, a muscle balance assessment and start the rehabilitation.
    In some cases rest is required, moving on to a specific exercise programme that’s guided by your physio to gradually build tolerance for sport. The rehabilitation programme will often involve changing techniques, a focus on flexibility and graded strengthening exercises.

If your child is suffering from growing pains Back In Motion can help. We have a tailored programme  to help manage the condition and relieve their pain, getting them back to being able to perform at their best.

Phone (03) 474 9400 to arrange an appointment with one of our physiotherapists or book online (

Mike Peterson is a registered physiotherapist with a special interest in sporting injuries, and is part of the team at Back in Motion.


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