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Pilates exercise is a low impact form of resistance and flexibility training that utilises the forces of body weight and gravity on the body to improve strength, body awareness, co-ordination, balance, flexibility and core stability.  Pilates exercise can be further challenged or assisted within the studio with the use of the springs utilised within the Pilates apparatus. Pilates practise is guided by a series of principles; concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing.  

As it doesn't involve an explosive release of energy, bulky weights or pouring sweat, and requires no specialist clothing, Pilates appeals to those after a quieter approach to all-over body strength and well-being.

Athletes also find the Pilates emphasis on core body strength adds a missing aspect to their training regime. Pilates offers a more specific work-out that complements any gym or other exercise programme.

Our customised Studio Pilates Programmes emphasise core strength, endurance, flexibility, and body awareness. We focus on improving posture and core strength, joint mobility and stability, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, body awareness and control.

We have seen the proven benefits from our client base of over 500 clients and how Pilates has reduced their risk of injury as well as limiting the incidence of muscle and joint pain.

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