Laura Hayes

Passions for equestrianism, rowing, and helping others achieve better fitness and health all come together in the motivated package that is Back In Motion Clinical Pilates Co-ordinator & Instructor, Laura Hayes. 

Laura began working at the Back In Motion Pilates studio in 2007 allowing her to put into practice many of the theories she learned while achieving her Physical Education degree, specialising in Exercise Prescription and Sport and Leisure Studies and extend her Pilates knowledge by becoming an Internationally Qualified Polestar Pilates Studio Instructor. 

“I find it amazing to sit and watch the progress some people have made, just coming two or three times a week, working to recover from injuries of various kinds. Some have managed to get back to work far faster than I would have ever expected. Obviously this takes an amount of dedication from the client, but Back In Motion has a particularly good support network aimed at helping people to achieve. 

Improving and maintaining core body strength is a central tenant of Pilates. Some of Laura's clients come into the gym solely to improve their fitness & gain that extra edge, “We have ballet dancers coming in to improve their flexibility and core strength, along with figure skaters, professional skiers, rugby players & bodyboarders in attendance” 

“The thing I really like about Pilates, with regard to injury recovery, is that you can isolate a body part and just work on that, whilst ensuring that you have core control and strength. Using the specialised Pilates equipment can provide a very versatile rehabilitation programme. I need to have close communication with the Back In Motion Physio team, as they are also giving the clients exercises to do, and they may have additional information from the client's GP that I need to be aware of. But I can also help by being observant when the person is doing their Pilates. I may see an extra weakness and bring this to the attention of the Physiotherapist.” 

Laura rides competitively, having a horse of her own and working another, and has identified the value Pilates can bring to her own, and others' riding. “It is incredibly beneficial. All the movements in competitive riding have to be very subtle, especially in the legs and arms. You have to stay strong and still through your core, able to disassociate limb movements from the core in order to control the specific muscle movements, while giving the appearance of being poised. It is much like ballet in that way. Back In Motion EQUESTRIAN PILATES® has taken off over the years with a regular floor class being held locally & regular rider’s clinics formed in the Canterbury & Southland regions. 

Laura was also a competitive rower while at high school & has worked closely with the University of Otago rowing team over the past few years, to assist in their off-season development training. “I have a great interest in and sympathy for the physical demands of rowing. It is such a competitive sport. You get completely engrossed in it. Unfortunately I don't have the time to be engrossed in two sports.” 

Laura welcomes any enquiries and can be contacted at our Centre City Studio on 03 4749400 or by email at 

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