Julian Suplig

Julian is a certified physiotherapist with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy diploma from the University of Otago, earned in 2023. Julian brings a wealth of experience in treating diverse injuries, guiding patients of all ages towards their recovery goals.

Julian's approach to rehabilitation is centered on the individual goals of each patient. He meticulously crafts rehabilitation programs tailored to their specific needs, ensuring that every step aligns with their aspirations for recovery.

Moreover, Julian prioritizes patient guidance and education, empowering them with the knowledge and skills for self-management in the long term. By instilling confidence in his patients, Julian ensures they feel empowered to navigate their rehabilitation journey with assurance and optimism.

With a background in powerlifting and hypertrophy programming, Julian's passion for fitness extends beyond the clinic. He finds solace in the gym, where he embraces the challenge of lifting heavy weights. Additionally, Julian occasionally indulges in bouldering, finding both physical exertion and enjoyment in this form of exercise.

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