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At Back in Motion Physiotherapy & Pilates we run antenatal and postnatal pilates classes. These are for women who are wanting to keep active during pregnancy and return to activity following giving birth.

The classes are taught using a combination of mat and equipment.

Most women join in their 2nd trimester and continue until late within their 3rd, many right up until their due date.

Our Pilates Instructors have been running these classes since 2009 and have found the positive response to antenatal and postnatal pilates outstanding. Lisa, Anna, Sylvia & Laura are Qualified Polestar Pilates, Heart & Bones Pilates, Stott Pilates & Back in Motion Clnical Pilates Instructors, a nationally recognised Pilates training centre that trains physio’s nationwide.

All participants are assessed by a physio or Pilates instructor prior to joining the class to ensure it is safe for them to do so. We review Pilates essentials with them at this session as well.

As well as antenatal and postnatal studio classes, which have a limit of 4 participants, Laura, Anna, Sylvia & Lisa are available for one-on-one pilates sessions in the studio. Pilates is a low impact and low intensity exercise that is safe through all stages of pregnancy. It focuses on such things as breathing and relaxation, it puts extra focus on important muscle groups such as deep abdominals and pelvic floor, whilst also combining a total body strengthening and stabilising workout.

Kerryn Tutty, a physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor at Back in Motion, has had 3 children and would highly recommend the benefits of Pilates to all.

Benefits of Antenatal Pilates:

  • Postural awareness and strengthening.
  • Relief of back pain.
  • Improving and maintaining muscle tone to help with the demands of labour.
  • Faster postnatal recovery.
  • Decrease in muscle cramps.
  • As well as many benefits to the baby.

Antenatal Pilates is also a great way to meet other ‘mums to be’ and is an excellent way to exercise in a safe and supervised environment during pregnancy.

Benefits of Postnatal Pilates:

  • Relief of back pain
  • Better pelvic floor control
  • Improved continence
  • Faster postnatal recovery
  • Improved strength and posture to aid faster return to ‘pre baby’ sports and activities.

Antenatal Pilates Studio Classes

45 min class
Cost: $29

Please contact our Mornington Studio on 03 4530523 for a current timetable.

Postnatal Pilates Studio Classes

45 min class
Cost: $29

Please contact our Mornington Studio on 03 4530523 for a current timetable.

*Please note that due to the fact that these classes are ongoing you will be required to see one of our Pilates Instructors for a 30 minute assessment prior to attendance in one of these classes.


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