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Improving your drive by 20 metres, a golfers dream, but Back In Motion director and Pilates instructor, Kerryn Tutty, says this is a goal often reached by those who enlist the strengthening, balancing, calming assistance of Pilates, with improved flexibility and fitness added to the bargain.

"The use of Pilates to assist golfers in particular is quite new to New Zealand," says Kerryn. "I attended a forum in Christchurch last year specifically aimed at developing golf fitness for golfers. We had Ramsay McMasters, a golf physio for the PGA tour and Denis McDade, the head golf coach from Melbourne's Victorian Institute of Sport, speaking to us about it's advantages.

"We learned about the different types of exercises that contribute to enhancing your golf game, improving flexibility and mobility, core stability, static and dynamic posture, and correct rotational sequencing. Combining this knowledge with the expertise of Back in Motion Pilates has led us to developing Golf Pilates, an exciting new development for golfers of all levels. Golf is a mental game, and Pilates really helps by using breathing as a way of improving calmness and clarity, too," adds Kerryn, herself a keen social golfer.

Studies show how general fitness and flexibility improves your golf, but, Kerryn says Pilates adds to that by being used to develop specific aspects of your game - club head speed, hitting power, improved wind-up, swing pattern and range of motion.

"One of the fundamentals of Pilates is improving core strength. This helps minimise faulty movements in your swing pattern which can cause injury. It reduces strain on the spine. It's not just your drive that is improved, but your putting and chipping. Even bending down to get the ball out of the hole is easier.

"Pilates is a form of gentle exercise that can benefit people from young to old. It is low impact and focuses on improving core strength, flexibility and control. It is very good for helping people recover from injuries of various sorts. We get golfers coming in with back injuries and some end up back on the course hitting the ball 20 metres further!"

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10 weeks $190


Bookings can be made through Back In Motion Centre City on 4749400
Class sizes are limited to 8.

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