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This privacy policy is an agreement between you, Back In Motion and their members, officers, directors,  employees, independent contractors, instructors/teachers, licensees, licensors, subcontractors, representatives, (current and past), suppliers, distributors, subsidiaries and affiliates, individually and collectively, and any related individuals or entities (collectively, “Back in Motion,” also referred to herein as “we,” “us” and “our”), and relates to our website. We provide the following privacy policy, which you acknowledge, agree to and consent to by clicking “I Agree” button when registering or by using the site.

This privacy policy is governed by and incorporated by reference into the Terms and conditions document click here (insert T and C link here) and our Back in Motion Practice Privacy Policies (click here) Therefore, please review all documents for a complete understanding of our terms and policies.

We comply with New Zealand privacy laws and regulations. We do not represent that the site is governed by, or operated in accordance with, the laws of other nations or jurisdictions, or that the site or any portion of it is appropriate or available for use in any location. If you choose to access the site, you do so at your own risk, and you are responsible for complying with all local laws, rules, and regulations. By using the Site, visitors to the site from outside New Zealand acknowledge and agree that our site is subject to New Zealand laws and regulations and waive any claims against us that may arise under their own national laws.

We comply to all matters related to the Health Information Privacy Code (1994) and the other provisions of the Privacy Act (1993) and Privacy Act Updates (2020).  

Back in Motion Staff will abide by the provisions in the 1993 Privacy Act, Privacy Act updates of 2020 and ACC PADLOK Guidelines:

Information Privacy Principles (Private Act 1993)

  • Principle 1 – Purpose of collection of personal information

  • Principle 2 – Source of personal information

  • Principle 3 – Collection of information

  • Principle 4 – Manner of collection of personal information

  • Principle 5 – Storage and security of personal information

  • Principle 6 – Access to personal information

  • Principle 7 – Correction of personal information

  • Principle 8 – Accuracy of personal information to be checked before use

  • Principle 9 – Personal information not to be kept for longer than necessary

  • Principle 10 – Limits on use of personal information

  • Principle 11 – Limits on disclosure of personal information

  • Principle 12 – Disclosure Outside New Zealand

  • Principle 13 – Unique identifiers

We do not collect any personally identifiable information about you.

You will be asked for your name and email address you will assign yourself a password which you can change, and you will be given a unique identifying number for the stripe account for payments. We do not hold any financial information.

Any communication with Back in Motion, such as email, text, Facebook communication or posts onto google pages are kept for the purpose of surveying customer experience or notification of any changes or improvements.

Your IP information, browser type and videos viewed will be kept for product improvement purposes.

 We use Google analytics to better understand our target audience and develop advertising strategies for our customer base to find out about Google analytics click here.

A note about cookies; Cookies are small bits of code on your computer used to help us with group target marketing, not to identify you personally. If you disable all cookies, you may not be able to access the videos. For information about cookies click All About

A note about third parties: Our privacy policy does not cover any other party associated with Back in Motion on Demand such as Stripe or Vimeo.  We are not responsible for the privacy practices of third-party users.

Privacy Breach: as per our general Back in Motion Privacy policy summarised below

  1. The Privacy Officer will deal with all requests for personal information and issues concerning personal information generally.  This will include processing and filing of consents for release of information, ensuring that security, storage, and destruction of information is performed correctly and gaining consent for confidentiality for computer maintenance. 

  1. A request for information, from an agent on behalf of an individual, needs to be received in writing.

  1. A request for information must be dealt with, within 20 working days

The principal/s will deal with complaints, regarding breach of privacy, in consultation with the Privacy Officer, according to the Complaints Procedure.  Click here for the New Zealand Privacy commissioners guide on handling a breach. (Click here).

Notably we are only holding your username and email, no financial data is being held by Back in Motion.

Complaints are to be in writing to   attention privacy officer.

This document is subjected to change. By continuing to use the site after us making available an amended version of this privacy policy, you thereby acknowledge, agree and consent to such amendment.



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