Love skiing but not the pains?

Skiing is much more fun when it doesn’t hurt!  If you have an old skiing injury or just get little niggles when you ski, maybe you need to get them checked out.  You have less than six weeks to get ready for the next season, but a strengthening programme might be all you need to prepare.

Did you know…

55% of all ski injuries occur in the Southern Lakes district and equates to 6,500 injuries a year!

For skiing the most common injury is the knee, and for snowboarding it is the shoulder and wrist.

Some injuries can take 6 months to a year to recover, especially if you have needed surgery to repair your body.  And often pre-season, you find you may be getting concerned if you can keep up with the kids or wonder if it’s wise to take to the slopes again.

Do you need a brace for that old knee injury?

Do you need a strengthening programme to stabilise achy joints?

Do you simply need exercises so your muscles are ready to handle those first few days?

Even though you can’t control everything on the slopes, you can control your body’s ability to with stand certain forces.  Developing aerobic fitness so as not to be fatigued and necessary flexibility to help avoid muscle strains can prepare the knee or shoulder functionally for snow sports.  You will perform better on the slopes but have less pain and more energy for keeping up with the kids and end of day activities.

The stronger we are, the more we can absorb those bumpy snow days, reducing stress on joints and preventing après-ski pains. 

Back in Motion have several skiers and snow boarders who understand the physical requirements for snow sports and are skilled at assessing and designing individualised exercise programmes.

Kathryn is both a Physiotherapist and an ex-ski racer who skis up to 30 days a year in New Zealand and overseas.  She has knowledge on what’s required for skiing recreationally as well as an elite level.  Getting those old injuries checked out may make this season more enjoyable for you.  

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