Expert assessment and treatment for a child's pain associated to poor posture

Are you worried about your child’s posture?

Physiotherapists are seeing an increased frequency of children with head ache, neck pain and upper back pain from many hours spent sitting often in inappropriate chairs. 

A 2003 study in the Czech republic of 3600 children from aged 7  to 11    revealed  38% had  poor posture, and were more likely to report spinal pain  headache, they also noted the children who were more active had better posture and lower report of pain.

Combine the poor posture at school with use of computers, iPad’s and smart phones at home, especially if slumped in the couch all of which involve forward head postures, straining the upper neck and back muscles.

Not only is this a cause of concern for the parent as their child suffers postural strains, head ache and often loss of concentration, but has long standing effects into tertiary education and working life.

So what can you do?

What is needed is expert assessment and advice from a skilled health professional.

Sarah at Back in Motion has had experience in Australia with government funded school assessment programmes, here they were able to pick out potential problems early is school children even picking up serious complaints such as scoliosis.

Specific fitness and good postural muscle training effectively prevents the problem.

If you are worried or wish to discuss your child’s postural issues further; call Sarah at Back In Motion Physiotherapy & Pilates, Musselburgh Clinic, (03) 455 3013 or email

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