COVID-19 and Back in Motion

Updated: 17/01/22

Back in Motion is open under Covid Protection Framework Orange

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BIM will take specific precautions to ensure a sterile and clean environment in our clinics, where staff and clients feel comfortable. Please raise any matters of concern with the clinic managers, so that they can take appropriate action. 

Crest cleaning continue to provide a thorough ongoing weekly clean of each clinic. 

Prior to attending the clinic: 

  •        Vaccine Passes are required for entry to our clinic and Pilates Studio - we can see those without Passes but please contact us so that we can inform you of the protocols for this.
  •         All clients and staff on arrival must document that they are well and free of headache/cold/flu-like symptoms.  
  •         Similarly, any accompanying persons must complete this declaration.  
  •         We advise that only one significant other can enter the clinic with the client and for contact tracing they will need to provide their details to reception

In each reception area: 

  •         We have placed visible signage/posters on government requirements and guidelines
  •         Perspex screens have been installed to create a barrier from reception staff to client, limiting physical contact.  
  •         We have contactless payment for eftpos machines (i.e. PayWave).  If clients are not comfortable making eftpos payments, offer them online payment options (i.e. bank account). 
  •         Hand sanitizers are placed on reception desk for clients to use. We encourage all clients to use this upon entering and leaving clinic 
  •         Physical distance of 1 meter is encouraged in the waiting rooms and studios
  •         Furniture and objects are always strategically placed to allow clients to be at least 1m apart.   
  •         Reception staff have a sign in/sign out sheet to track all people who have entered and left the clinic.  This is a requirement of the government and is to enable the business to keep track of who we have potentially contacted.     
  •         All clients are required to fill in a Health Declaration Form and Patient Assessment Form for Covid19 prior to seeing the Physio.  If a client has any symptoms or has been in contact with a positive case of Covid19 within the last 2 weeks they are to be asked to rebook their appointment or arrange tele health appointment and leave the clinic.   
  •         Our Cleaning checklist is visible on reception desk or wall.
  •         Wipe down policy for all frequently contactable surfaces (i.e. reception top, benches/seats, door handles) every 2hours.    

In the physio rooms: 

  •         Disposable paper sheets for beds are used and to disposed of between each client
  •         Disinfectant spray between every client to wipe down plinth and seats.   
  •         Hand sanitizer is available for clients to use. 
  •         Healthcare staff (i.e. Physiotherapist and Massage therapist) have n95 masks and gloves for use where appropriate.
  •         All staff wash hands thoroughly with soap between every client.

In the studio: 

  • Vaccine Passes are mandatory for access to the Pilates Studio
  • We have visible signage/posters on government requirements Covid Protection Framework Orange Guidelines.
  • Physical distance of 1 meter is required
  • We request that you attend the studio alone unless you have a carer assigned to you
  • Equipment is spaced at 2m head to head
  • Masks are required when entering/leaving and moving about the studio but not while exercising
  • All clients are to wipe down each item of equipment they have used – includes weights, box, steps etc.  Disinfectant bottles with paper towels will be provided.
  • Clients will be provided with clean towels to use within the studio, to prevent cross contamination within the clinic.  These are to be placed in a lined laundry basket for laundering on a hot wash.  Staff are to wear gloves when handling the laundry.  
  • Clients are to use hand sanitiser when using any equipment with straps 

Tele Physio

How does Tele Physio work?

Our team can help you with the easy steps to set up a tele health appointment. If this is not appropriate, a phone consult can be arranged by phoning 027 222 4381.

We are able assist with your rehabilitation with self-management techniques and exercise prescription.   We use an online exercise data base with video so you can maintain improvements, ease pain, increase mobility and improve strength.

The Process

  • With a Zoom consult you download the Zoom app.

  • We organise a time to talk.

  • We send you an electronic consent form and where appropriate an ACC form to fill out.

  • We send you an Zoom link invitation to click on.

  • With the video link we can see you and go through the normal history taking.

  • Some simple self-tests to confirm what is wrong then give you the advice, education, self-management and exercise programme needed.

  • We arrange a follow up session to change the exercises and self-management as appropriate. 

Stress management

We have personnel trained in mindfulness who can help you develop strategies to help manage your situation including breathing re-education.

We also have attached links to helpful resources:

Pilates and exercise

Exercise is of course paramount to healthy living. Check out our Pilates timetable for  online classes

Southern cross members

  1. BIM are a Southern Cross Affiliated Healthcare Provider for Physiotherapy

  2. Please  check with southern cross weather you are covered for phone consults

  3. We will up date this as information comes to hand


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