2013/14 10km Wanaka Challenge

  • 09 Apr 2014

This years 10 Km Wanaka challenge started on Monday the 20th of January with 7 brave souls (and a few staff stragglers) committing to weekly training sessions with the Highland Events 10 Km race as the ultimate goal. Every week there was a circuit class, a Pilates class and a group run planned, which all participants were required to turn up to. Initially, and again half way through the challenge, they were put through their paces on the treadmill to determine just how fit they were. Thankfully, all participants improved their aerobic fitness, a really positive result.

Life handed out its fair share of challenges for participants along the way, which had to be overcome to achieve the end goal. Some weeks were better than others, with other commitments taking priority now and then, but overall a mighty fine effort by all involved. Long lasting friendships were formed, as well as (hopefully) long lasting running habits.  

Race day was perfect, with weather conditions optimal (slightly overcast, cool but not cold). Spirits were high and everyone was very supportive. Following a successful race for all was a delicious lunch at one of Wanakas beautiful lake front restaurants, everyone definitely deserved that second helping!


Back In Motion will be running further team training courses, and if anyone is interested in joining this unique and fantastic experience, you can contact Sarah Whitworth (Albany Pilates Instructor) on 4771680 or email her albanypilates@backinmotion.co.nz.

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