Steel Program

The STEEL program is dedicated to improving the quality of life, wellbeing and overall health of men after a cancer diagnosis. It is delivered by our certified STEEL Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist, Graeme Moginie. It has been developed as an individualised exercise-based cancer rehabilitation programme, which explicitly addresses factors to facilitate longer-term engagement in physical activity for cancer survivors. The Steel Program programme provides a full range of services designed to look after men who are recovering from cancer surgery or cancer treatments.

STEEL program is suitable after any type of cancer surgery or treatment and accommodates all fitness levels.

  • Each session is designed to suit the needs of each client on that day
  • Our focus is on individual needs and creating a safe and caring environment for our clients
  • The first session is for an hour and includes a thorough assessment
  • The following sessions are for half an hour (or hour if necessary)

We aim to not only get cancer survivors exercising but actively participating in walking, running, cycling, swimming and triathlon events throughout the country.

The STEEL program is chronologically formatted into 3 phases. Timing of each phase is dependent upon the patients physical condition, the length of the healing process, the type of surgery involved, and the courses of adjuvant treatments. Many variables may exist that will effect particular service and exercise choices at given times.

The STEEL program is more than just helping people after cancer, it is about giving hope, strength and courage. Find out more Pinc and Steel