Men's Pilates

Our Men's Pilates Programmes will help prevent injury and strain.

Are you are a:

  • Weekend warrior?
  • Masters level sportsman?
  • Younger Athlete?

Do you want to:

  • Be stronger and more flexible?
  • Keep up with the grandchildren?

Women have been successfully incorporating Pilates into their exercise regime since Joseph Pilates set up his New York studio in 1930. In more recent times, many high profile male sporting athlets have undertaken Pilates training to improve their performance.

Professional NZ Bodyboarder, Ben McKinnon, is New Zealand’s best bodyboarder and has used the Back in Motion Pilates Studio to recover from a career ending back injury. He believes Pilates has improved his surfing by enhancing his back strength and mobility so that he can drop in to bigger waves without pain.

Click on the links below to see how Pilates has been successfully implemented into the training of professional rugby players and other professional atheletes.

Click here to view The Pilates Blog USA Today / Sports - "Male athletes get no pain, big gains from Pilates"

The benefits atheletes have derived from Pilates has not gone unnoticed by the exercising public. Men around the world are now incorporating Pilates into their exercise schedule. At Back in Motion, we are increasingly seeing men using Pilates as a form of strength and conditioning for their overall health and wellbeing. Whether it is to enhance their sporting performance or help survive the rigours of their job, men are experiencing the benefits of Pilates. Read this excellent article that gives you more insight on Men’s Pilates.

Read pdf : "REAL MEN DO PILATES - Get An Edge On Your Competition"

Whether you are an elite athelete or a weekend warrior Back in Motion can develop a Studio or Mat programme specifically designed for you. Or even better get a group together and have a class tailor made to your chosen sport.

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