Neurological Rehabilitation

New Neuro Focus

Back in Motion’s brain power has been augmented by the arrival of neurological rehabilitation specialist Bronagh Quinn, supporting and developing our physiotherapy and Pilates team’s ability to assist clients with neurological conditions.

Bronagh has 20 years experience working in rehabilitation, specialising in neurological assessment and rehabilitation, with a passion for balance issues and vestibular (dizziness) rehabilitation. “I am here for people who need a burst of rehabilitation and/or exercise with help from someone who understands and has knowledge of their condition,” she says.

All Back in Motion staff will benefit from the training and knowledge Bronagh will impart, allowing them to provide help to people who have physical problems resulting from a neurological condition – injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s and so on.

Bronagh will help develop systems for staff to assist clients through stretching, strengthening and fitness programmes incorporating Pilates, all tailored to the individual.

“We can assist people who want to push themselves to reach their maximum potential,” says Bronagh.

“I am looking forward to working at Back In Motion. I enjoy challenge in my work and Back in Motion is so forward thinking; they see the big picture where it comes to health provision.”