Rehabilitation Programmes

Rehabilitation Programs

Rehab Physiotherapy and Neuro Rehabilitation at Back in Motion

We provide rehab physiotherapy, which encompasses neuro rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, and brain injury rehabilitation as we recognise the importance of persons with a neurological condition being able to receive high-quality rehabilitation. We understand that everyday tasks and routines can become a struggle and being dependent on other people affects your well being.

What is neuro rehabilitation?

Neuro rehabilitation is a specialised form of rehab physiotherapy targeted for persons who are in the process of stroke recovery, brain injury recovery, have or had a brain tumour, have multiple sclerosis (MS), or are experiencing the chronic effects of a disability that people can have had for many years such as brain injury, brain tumour, cerebral palsy, polio, stroke, and multiple sclerosis.

Neuro rehabilitation addresses symptoms and issues such as dizziness, poor balance, unsteadiness and falls; shoulder and hand function; tiredness and anxiety; strength issues affecting getting out of a chair and using stairs; leg or arm weakness; muscle coordination affecting feeding and dressing. The focus of neuro rehabilitation is to increase your independence, energy, strength and quality of life.

How can neuro rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation and brain injury rehabilitation help you?

Rehabilitation and rehab physiotherapy at Back in Motion works on the following areas:


  • Stroke recovery

  • Brain injury recovery

  • Brain tumour recovery

  • Balance and unsteadiness treatment


Function: rehabilitation can focus on improving challenging tasks such as getting in and out of bed; dressing; preparing and eating meals; climbing and descending steps and stairs; hanging out the washing; typical daily chores including making the beds and vacuuming

Independence: rehabilitation can help you remain being able to drive, stay living in your own home, and attend social events such as Church, movies, meals and visiting friends and family

Balance: with neurological conditions such as stroke, MS and brain injury, the connections between brain and muscles do not work as well. Sitting, standing and walking balance can be affected. Neuro physiotherapy is able to assess and differentiate between the causes and address them

Dizziness:  Dizziness, light headedness, vertigo, feeling spaced out can have a number of causes that are not always related to the inner ear. A neuro physiotherapist can help differentiate between the causes and set you on the right path of rehabilitation.

Fitness and Energy efficiency: with a chronic disability, fitness and activity tolerance reduces over time, making these persons more vulnerable for other health conditions such as cardiac (heart) problems, obesity, blood pressure issues, diabetes and stroke. Neuro rehabilitation will also include a fitness programme to reduce your risks and improve your daily activity

Walking: a neurological condition such as stroke, brain injury and MS affects the way you walk and increases the effort involved with walking. This in turn can limit your confidence, activity and social interaction. Neuro rehab identifies the causes for your change in walking style. The rehabilitation focuses on improving these, such as strengthening the affected muscles, correcting your hip, knee and ankle issues and works to improve the speed and quality of your walking.


Neuro rehabilitation provides individualised rehab programmes

These can include stretching and exercise to assist can involve specific exercises to address:


  • stiffness/tightness in particular muscles and limbs;

  • strengthening exercises for weak muscles and limbs;

  • balance exercises for safety and mobility;

  • walking rehabilitation to improve walking speed and distance;

  • reduced fitness and improve your cardiovascular health and tiredness;

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