Neurological Conditions and Balance

With a neurological condition, your balance can be affected due to:

  • Weakness in muscle groups;
  • Numbness in feet or muscles;
  • Tremors and clonus;
  • A lack of control of muscle groups where they do not respond correctly or in time to the instructions you are giving them; or
  • Stiff and shortened calf muscles or thigh muscles, thereby not being in a good position to work correctly.

At Back in Motion we can develop programmes to improve the communication between brain and muscle, improve muscle length and then strengthen them in their new lengthened position, improve the strength and coordination of muscles

How do we do this?

Depending upon what you want and what we find from a thorough assessment, we can develop an individualised programme using:

  • Hip, knee and ankle exercises on Pilates equipment;
  • Balance exercises in a safe environment using floor, steps, balance mats, balance balls, mini-tramp;
  • Balance exercises with eyes open and eyes closed;
  • Balance exercises while walking;
  • Pilates mat exercises to activate and strengthen specific muscles;
  • Pilates exercises to target core control;
  • Resistance exercises for home.