At Back in Motion we can develop individualized programmes to deal with your condition such as:

  • Reduce your dizziness and improve any visual issues resulting from your vestibular (inner ear) condition
  • Improve your balance and confidence in busy places, stairs, dim light, crossing roads
  • Assist you with resuming your usual daily activities, including sports, which have been affected by your problem
  • Treat specific conditions such as BPPV with specialized techniques 
  • Teach you to manage any future occurrences, should your symptoms return.

Treatments can include canal repositioning maneuvers, habituation exercises, instruction in compensatory strategies, exercises to improve gaze stability, instruction in home modifications, and manual treatment of the cervical spine.

It is important to remember that you di not have to put up with your symptoms or wait for them to resolve/go away. Most causes of dizziness can be treated.