Pilates Instructors

Laura Hayes

Laura Hayes

Passions for equestrianism, rowing, and helping others achieve better fitness and health all come together in the motivated package that is Back In Motion Clinical Pilates Co-ordinator & Instructor, Laura Hayes. 

Laura began working at the Back In Motion Pilates studio in 2007 allowing her to put into practice many of the theories she learned while achieving her Physical Education degree, specialising in Exercise Prescription and Sport and Leisure Studies and extend her Pilates knowledge by becoming an Internationally Qualified Polestar Pilates Studio Instructor. 

“I find it amazing to sit and watch the progress some people have made, just coming two or three times a week, working to recover from injuries of various kinds. Some have managed to get back to work far faster than I would have ever expected. Obviously this takes an amount of dedication from the client, but Back In Motion has a particularly good support network aimed at helping people to achieve. 

Improving and maintaining core body strength is a central tenant of Pilates. Some of Laura's clients come into the gym solely to improve their fitness & gain that extra edge, “We have ballet dancers coming in to improve their flexibility and core strength, along with figure skaters, professional skiers, rugby players & bodyboarders in attendance” 

“The thing I really like about Pilates, with regard to injury recovery, is that you can isolate a body part and just work on that, whilst ensuring that you have core control and strength. Using the specialised Pilates equipment can provide a very versatile rehabilitation programme. I need to have close communication with the Back In Motion Physio team, as they are also giving the clients exercises to do, and they may have additional information from the client's GP that I need to be aware of. But I can also help by being observant when the person is doing their Pilates. I may see an extra weakness and bring this to the attention of the Physiotherapist.” 

Laura rides competitively, having a horse of her own and working another, and has identified the value Pilates can bring to her own, and others' riding. “It is incredibly beneficial. All the movements in competitive riding have to be very subtle, especially in the legs and arms. You have to stay strong and still through your core, able to disassociate limb movements from the core in order to control the specific muscle movements, while giving the appearance of being poised. It is much like ballet in that way. Back In Motion EQUESTRIAN PILATES® has taken off over the years with a regular floor class being held locally & regular rider’s clinics formed in the Canterbury & Southland regions. 

Laura was also a competitive rower while at high school & has worked closely with the University of Otago rowing team over the past few years, to assist in their off-season development training. “I have a great interest in and sympathy for the physical demands of rowing. It is such a competitive sport. You get completely engrossed in it. Unfortunately I don't have the time to be engrossed in two sports.” 

Laura welcomes any enquiries and can be contacted at our Centre City Studio on 03 4749400 or by email at pilates@backinmotion.co.nz 

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith

Lisa’s love of Pilates, and her 10 years of personal Pilates practice lead her to pursue her Instructor Qualification through Hearts and Bones Pilates (a Pilates Method Alliance certified instructor training program). She is a Hearts & Bones Trainee Reformer Pilates Practitioner. Lisa is very excited to have been offered the opportunity to join the Back In Motion team and have a career founded in inspiring and educating movement, alignment and body awareness.

Her varied professional background and educational foundation combine to give her a unique approach to Pilates. Her experience in education and instruction and knowledge of the human body complement and enhance her abilities as a Pilates Instructor. She is excited to continue her journey with Pilates and share her passion with her clients. Her recent Pilates experience includes instructing mat, reformer and prenatal Pilates.

Lisa graduated from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, in 2012 with a Bachelor of science in Food, Nutrition and Health with a major in Dietetics. She graduated as a Dietitian after completing her one year internship.  She practiced as a Dietitian in Canada for several years in outpatient nutritional counselling setting in diabetes and chronic disease, weight management, gastrointestinal disorders and disordered eating.  Alongside her relocation to Dunedin, Lisa certified as a First Aid Instructor and instructed First Aid courses.

Having grown up in northern British Columbia, Lisa loves to be active in the outdoors. When she’s not in the studio practicing Pilates, she enjoys running, hiking and cycling. Although less frequent these days, she loves to get out her winter gear and go for a downhill or cross-country ski!

Lisa welcomes any enquiries and can be contacted at the Albany St Studio on 03 4771 680 or by email at albanypilates@backinmotion.co.nz.

Kerryn Tutty

Kerryn Tutty


PG Dip. Manip. Phty, PG Cert. Acupuncture Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Certified Pilates Instructor, NZ Diploma in Massage

Kerryn graduated from Otago University with Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 1995. She has gone on to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy (with distinction) in 2002 and a Post Graduate Certificate in Acupuncture in 2007. Kerryn's previous professional highlight is her five years working in the UK, where she found the ease of access to further education and a range of expertise highly valuable.

Pilates was raising its profile just as Kerryn left the UK and when the Dunedin physiotherapy practice she worked in was bought by Back in Motion, she leapt at the opportunity to learn more. She became a certified instructor in 2006 and since 2007 has trained physiotherapists nationwide in Pilates.

Kerryn joined Dusty and Graeme as a Back in Motion director in July 2007.

She is familiar with many genres of Pilates and completed training with the International Polestar Pilates movement in 2009. Kerryn believes Pilates is a real strength of Back in Motion and combined with her knowledge of acupuncture and manipulative physiotherapy Kerryn has the clinical repertoire to treat a broad range of painful conditions and injuries.

In October 2008 Kerryn attended the first Pink Pilates Certification course in Auckland, for women and men with breast cancer. She is proud to be able to provide this service, unique to Back in Motion, to those of Dunedin and surrounding areas .

Kerryn thoroughly enjoys her work and meeting people and is focused on providing a quality service for clients of Back in Motion physiotherapy. She is married with three children.

Kerryn welcomes any enquiries and can be contacted at our Albany St Studio on 03 4771 680 or by email at kerryn@backinmotion.co.nz

Anna Halls

Anna Halls

Anna graduated from the NZ school of dance with a Diploma in Contemporary Dance and Performance in 1988. She then went on to dance professionally with Footnote Dance Company and freelance in fringe festivals,television and film.

In 1991 she became a Les Mills personal trainer and aerobics instructor also studying for her Certificate in Fitness Management through Otago University. 
Throughout the 90's she taught Ballet,Jazz and Contemporary dance in Wellington continuing to teach when she shifted to Dunedin in 1997. After having a family, Anna discovered Pilates through BIM and decided to train as a mat teacher.

She looks forward to meeting with new and existing members in the clinic and assisting with the general wellbeing that pilates has to offer.

Rebecca Bishop

Rebecca Bishop

Rebecca was first introduced to Pilates through national level competitive gymnastics and diving, where she found Pilates to be incredibly beneficial for her training. Practicing Pilates helped Rebecca excel as an athlete through improving her core strength, flexibility, correcting muscle imbalances and helping with injury prevention. Since then, Rebecca’s love for Pilates has played an integral role in her daily life.  Rebecca regularly practices Pilates and she has come to appreciate how Pilates can aid a diverse range of people in improving their health.

Rebecca has a passion for health and wellbeing which led her to pursue a degree in Physical Education (Exercise Prescription and Sport Science), a Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition) and most recently a Masters of Dietetics. This has provided her with the opportunity to work with a wide range of people from varied backgrounds, including athletes, individuals both young and old, and those with chronic conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease and neuromuscular diseases. Rebecca is a strong believer that exercise is beneficial for general health and wellbeing, as well as managing chronic conditions and improving quality of life.

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys escaping to the beautiful outdoors that New Zealand has to offer. In addition to tramping and enjoying the scenery, Rebecca is an avid traveller and will take every opportunity to visit a new country.