Pilates Classes at Back In Motion

Back In Motion offers a varierty of classes from our popular Pilates Floor Classes to our Pre/Postnatal Pilates Studio Classes. 

Please take the time to read our Pilates Class FAQ's information sheet above prior to registering for any of our classes as it contains important information that will be of use to or clients.




Developed specially for the Equestrian athlete, these classes are floor based and have been developed by our Pilates Co-ordinator, Polestar Studio Practitioner & EQUESTRIAN PILATES® Certified Instructor Laura Dawson for the benefit of the horse rider. 

Horse riding requires muscular endurance, spinal stability and mobility dependant on the phase of gait of the horse, control and co-ordination of muscular activation and ultimately awareness of the rider’s body and the rider’s influence on the horse’s movement.

Pilates and in particular EQUESTRIAN PILATES® address these requirements in full. So why wouldn’t you investigate how these exercises can assist you in becoming a better rider.

Back in Motion® Pilates Studio Classes

Studio Classes are 60minutes in duration, are designed for those who have already have some Pilates experience and wish to have a semi private pilates experience at a fraction of the cost. Classes utilise a mix of Pilates reformer & floor exercises that can only be achieved through utilising our Pilates studios. This is a great supplement to your current pilates floor classes, studio membership or cardio/gym session and provides a safe, effective and efficient workout for those with a busy schedule. These classes are headed by our Qualified and experienced Pilates Instructors.

Back in Motion® Pilates Floor Classes

Pilates Mat Work is a low impact form of resistance and flexibility training that utilises the forces of body weight and gravity on the body to improve strength, endurance, body awareness, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, & core stability. Pilate’s exercises aim to achieve an awareness of mind, body & spirit.

Back in Motion offer a variety of classes at varying levels and venues for members of the public, students, private businesses and sporting groups within the Dunedin area.

Pre/Antenatal Pilates Floor Classes

Pilates is a low impact and low intensity exercise that is safe through all stages of pregnancy. It focuses on such things as breathing and relaxation, it puts extra focus on important muscle groups such as deep abdominals and pelvic floor, whilst also combining a total body strengthening and stabilising workout.

Back in Motion® Pilates Studio Circuit Classes

These classes are run from our Albany St Studio and are a series of circuit of exercises that include each of the various Studio apparatus to form an efficient Pilates workout that fits easily into your day. They are 50-60minutes long, and include all over body strengthening exercises, light to moderate cardiovascular exercise and stretching to finish. We provide a safe and motivating environment for people workout in, with enthusiastic and experienced instructors who will assist you in achieving your goals.