Update from BIM Sponsored Athlete Sarah MacGibbon

  • 01 Mar 2018

“It's great to see friends and family getting more involved with figure skating. Very cool that the Olympic skating is on our TV! I have also been tagged in many memes on Facebook lately.

I have Korean, Australian and Israeli friends ice skating in the Olympics. It's fantastic to see them compete on tv- of course I wish I was there too. 

Lately we have been working on routines to gain fitness back before our New Zealand season begins. I have been working with my coach of 11 years Fanis Shakirzianau on the double axel, triple salcow and triple loop jumps. Aiming to land these clean in competition. My other coach Ricky Cockerill has been helping me with sport psychology, fitness and consistency. 

This year my first competition will be Hollins Trophy in Sydney. I am so thankful to still be able to compete. Amazing to see skaters of older generations competing in this years Olympics. Carolina Kostner is 31 years old and has the most amazing presence on the ice, a wealth of experience. Now finished a Bachelor of Neuroscience and certificate in Advanced Personal Training I have more time to focus on my own training and my coaching. Looking forward to working with Back in Motion to strengthen up for this season. “

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