Golf Pilates - gets you further down the fairway

  • 25 Mar 2015

It is a sad fact but as we age our bodies become stiffer and our posture changes.  These changes definitely affect your golf swing and ability to play golf.  One of the best methods to counteract this is to undergo a regular stretching and strengthening routine.  Pilates is one of the best ways of achieving this is.

Pilates is a smooth, gentle form of exercise based on abdominal strength, control, flexibility and stability.  It is performed on mats using your own body resistance.  Mat Pilates is designed to accommodate any level of fitness and optimises strength, flexibility and endurance in order to achieve a strong and supple body.

Golf Pilates is specifically designed for the golfer.  It targets areas of stiffness to improve range of movement, such as of the spine and hips.  This will improve the wind up for the golfer, thus increase power, and reduce incorrect loading on joints and soft tissue which can result in injuries.  Abdominal strength and core stability will increase which will provide control through the golf swing especially at impact.  This will provide benefits during driving, chipping and putting.

Back in Motion describes Pilates as ‘Smart exercise, excellent results’. During Pilates the participant focuses on breathing and concentrates on each exercise to ensure that the correct technique is being performed.  This aspect of Pilates trains the brain to focus, providing clarity and concentration, which is so important when playing golf.

Anna Halls is a Back In Motion Pilates instructor and is passionate regarding the benefits of Pilates. Anna enjoys golf herself and can see the advantages of Pilates training for golf.

Golf Pilates classes run for one hour and will have a maximum of 6 participants. Mats will be provided and participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes to exercise in.

Currently Classes are running on Tuesday's 12-1pm and Wednesday's 6-7pm. The next rotation of classes will begin May 5/6th at our Albany St Studio, for 8 weeks at the price of $114

Bookings can be made through Back In Motion Albany St on 471 1680.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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