Continence Awareness Week 2014

  • 06 Jun 2014

This week June 23-29th is Continence Awareness Week.

According to the Physiotherapy New Zealand website,

“Most physiotherapists would be aware that pregnancy and childbirth are significant risk factors for pelvic floor dysfunction. But perhaps lesser known is that around 1.1 million (25%) of people in New Zealand aged 15 years or over are estimated to be suffering either urinary or faecal incontinence, or both. We also know that one in three New Zealand women are suffering urinary leakage and one in two will develop prolapse at some point following childbirth. Research has indicated that pelvic floor exercises can be very hard to learn from a booklet and real-time ultrasound studies have confirmed this. One study clearly demonstrated that 43% of women were doing the exercises incorrectly, (by bearing down) potentially harming themselves and worsening symptoms.”

It is best to see a physiotherapist with expertise in this area to learn the correct way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and prevent leakage and prolapse. They can also advise on and teach you the safest exercises to perform whilst you correct your incontinence and advise you on the exercises to avoid as certain gym exercises can make matters worse.

Albany St Back In Motion Physiotherapist's Kerryn Tutty and Bronagh Quinn can assist you with overcoming your continence problems.

Call our Albany St Clinc on 03 4771680 to book an appointment

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