Neurological Care

Neuro Rehab

Rehabilitation Programmes for Persons with Neurological Conditions at Back in Motion.

Back in Motion is able to provide  neurological rehabilitation for persons following an illness, surgery, or brain injury; or from changes in a long-standing health condition.

Our goal is to assist you with managing symptoms such as:

  • Specific muscle weakness or tightness;
  • Spasticity;
  • Uncoordinated movements;
  • Poor balance;
  • Dizziness;
  • Fatigue;
  • General weakness and low activity tolerance / fitness;
  • ˜The communication between the brain and the muscles not working properly
  • Lack of confidence walking in crowds and unfamiliar situations

These issues can affect everyday activities such as getting in and out of bed, dressing, feeding yourself, walking around home or in the community, climbing and/or descending stairs, hanging out the washing, and housework.

They can also interfere with you being able to work, drive, participate in hobbies and sports, and go to the supermarket or shopping malls.

An individualised assessment can include:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Walking
  • Coordination
  • Performing more than one task at once

The benefits of attending Back in Motion include individualised programmes to address your particular needs:

  • Pilates exercises to stretch, strengthen and improve coordination and range of motion in the arms and legs;
  • Balance and walking exercises to improve confidence in busy places, on stairs, crossing roads, changing direction when walking and rising from a chair;
  • Treat specific dizziness conditions and teach self-managements exercises;
  • Improve your fitness so that you can tolerate activity better, reduce fatigue and feel good about yourself.

Our Neurologial service

 Physiotherapist, Bronagh Quinn, who manages our Neurological rehabilitation service. She has 20 years of experience in this area and has trained both overseas and in New Zealand to gain her qualifications.

Back in Motion Physiotherapy can provide a range of services to suit your need:

  • Individualised assessment to identify your issues and provide rehabilitation goals
  • Supervised sessions with our neuro physiotherapist
  • 20/20 Packages: Get a mix of supervised and self directed exercise for 20 weeks at $20 per week
  • Full year membership with supervised sessions for less than $20 a week!
  • Once skilled you can get annual memberships for as little as $10.60 a week!

Our receptionists have more details.

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Price list

Neurological and Vestibular rehabilitation charges

Neurological Rehabilitation, Dizziness, Vestibular and Balance Clinic

Certified Bradcliff Practitioner

60min (new clients/ initial consultation)


Student /Beneficiary

40min $88.00
Student /Beneficiary $80.00
30min $66.00
Student /Beneficiary $60.00
20 Min $60.00
Student /Beneficiary $41.00