"I was introduced to Pilates through the PINC Programme to help offset the effects of treatment for breast cancer. I am also at a computer for much of the working week.  Over these last four years I have come to see the benefits of this regular, gentle, sustained exercise. It helps to release pain and tension, strengthens muscles and boosts wellbeing.
The compassionate, supportive, expert staff ensure that my individualised programme is tailored to my requirements.
I highly recommend the Pilates programmed provided at Back in Motion (Albany Street)."
~ Elizabeth Gray, Dunedin
"For several years, I had wanted to take up pilates to improve my horse riding. When a friend mentioned that her pilates instructor was also a horse rider, I knew it was time to do something about it. Over three months, my position in the saddle changed from being very crooked to the left, to being straight as a die. Years of bad habits were undone in three short months. 
Laura is an exceptionally hard-working teacher. She is quick to recognise if you are not "getting" something and simply explains it another way, until she finds the mental picture that works for you and triggers the body position change needed. 
At our first session, Laura asked "what is your goal with regard to pilates?" Since then, she has been as focused on my goal as I am. It means you are constantly making progress towards something you genuinely care about and that, in itself, is very motivating."
~Brigid Feely, Warrington
"Ten years ago a friend and I were looking for an exercise option which would address some of the concerns of middle age for women such as maintaining flexibility, balance, coordination and core strength.
We saw Pilates being advertised at Back in Motion so we signed up with two other friends. Consequently we have attended a weekly class ever since.
We have enjoyed the friendly non threatening environment and the personal attention of the instructors. They are all trained physiotherapists as well as being qualified Pilates instructors so they are experts in the movement and function of the body.
If we have any particular needs at any time then these have been targeted.
For example I experienced a tear in my rotator cuff so the programme was tailored for me to restore strength to my shoulder which was most effective and helped with the rehabilitation of the injury.
The session is always well paced and offers a wide variety of exercises both on the floor and on the reformers. Different items of equipment are also used to vary the programme and provide interest. The focus on mental agility is an important factor in each class as we attempt to achieve the fine balance of mind and body working together.
We have all benefited from the sense of well being and general fitness that Pilates provides and the quiet supportive approach to the exercise sessions is very appealing.
The coffee following the class is also much appreciated!!!"
~Lyn Bunton, Dunedin
"Good afternoon,
I would just like to pass on my gratitude to your massage therapist Claire for doing such a wonderful job on my back last week.
When I came in I was in pain and could barely move without disrupting something in my spine. After an hour session with Claire though I had movement again and the next day it was like I’d never had the problem at all. Amazing!
Thank you so much, and thank you Back In Motion for seeing me at such short notice.
Kind regards,
"I have been coming to Back In Motion Mornington since June. The Clinic is conveniently close to where I live, I have found the staff friendly and helpful whenever I needed a hand with an exercise or any of the equipment.
The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful not rushed, which helps me to unwind and make the exercises more enjoyable."
~ Cathy McLellan November 2015  
"To help minimise any future episode of acute lower back pain, I was recommended last year to establish my ‘core fitness’ through a programme of Pilates exercises. I initially enrolled at the BIM Pilates Studio in the central city but the need to drive there and find parking made my attendance rather irregular. However, earlier this year I discovered the BIM Studio in Mornington which is either 2 mins drive with ample parking or a 8 min walk from my home. Although the range of exercise equipment is less extensive compared to the Centre City BIM Studio, it is perfectly adequate for my exercises. The staff associated with the studio are friendly and helpful and contribute to an enjoyable exercise ‘experience’. Through 6 months of regular exercise at the Mornington Studio, I believe I have established my core fitness – and have had no re-occurrence of the acute back pain!" 
~ BMP, Belleknowes, Dunedin November 2015 
"Nick ……..my Physiotherapist.
Mr Nick Black, I’ve jiggered my back;
Can you fix it with no exercises?
Just a soothing massage is all I need,
I can do without any surprises.
So what did he do, your right of course
Stretch left and right, bend back and forth,
He had to find out where the pain came from
My grimace told him, both south and north.
Our Nick was trained in Australia, so
I’m over the ditch for the kangaroo cure,
Where my kids inhabit two storied homes
With stairwells to test the pain I endure.
This worked a treat, with Nick’s proffered advice.
No matter your age, stay active and strong.
Though I miss the massage, my back will agree,
and I’m ‘Back in Motion’ where I belong."
~ Debbie Williams 17.11.2015 
"Early in 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was very lucky as it was not aggressive, we got it early and the treatment was not too difficult to manage.  The results were OK but I had to have radiotherapy.  At the time I was given information about “Pink Pilates”.  At a time when your world seems to be turned upside to be told about something that could help manage the effects of the radiotherapy was a welcome relief.  So my Pilates journey began.  I had amazing support from the team at Back in Motion Centre City to get started.  I have been a member for 5 ½ years and for most of this time been a regular in the studio.  At times when work has meant I have been away from Dunedin or my motivation really dropped off I found that the area where I received the radiotherapy tightened up and I was nowhere near as flexible as I had been.  This was always motivation enough to get me back into my routine." ~S Rissman
"The staff at Back in Motion are friendly, professional & wonderfully helpful.  The text reminder system is perfect for a busy working mum.  After being referred for Physio due to an unusual injury, I had a sudden realisation that it was necessary to start exercising and looking after myself! The pilates circuit class is perfectly timed to fit my lunch break and a superbly handy location, a few doors down from my work. Amelia's knowledge & experience makes each session achievable for any level of fitness as she adapts the exercises to individual requirements. Having a variety of different exercises each week keeps me interested with fresh challenges to learn and master, usually with a reminder of which muscles were targeted a few days later!  Circuits are a great way to exercise, it is easy to learn with Amelia's coaching and by watching other people using the equipment. Noticing small improvements in my performance over successive weeks is rewarding and confirms how perfect these classes are for me!" ~ Ruth Bell 6.12.15
"Thank you for acknowledging my attending Pilates for the past 12 years. The Monday 9-sion 9-10am session is very enjoyable with the same people who have been coming for many years.   This is a nice way to celebrate it. I retired in 2004 at age 60 from a sedentary personnel job.  I felt quite unfit.  I attended a Women’s Expo weekend and met up with the Pilates team there.  It sounded so good and just what I wanted so I gathered up the information and then joined the Dunedin Back in Motion Physiotherapy & Pilates team.At first it was jolly hard work, using muscles that hadn’t undergone good exercise in many years.  I started then and still maintain exercise three times a week.  I feel much stronger and my muscles firmer.  The 9.00am session is good especially in winter, for, if I feel sluggish, once I have completed the exercises I feel physically fit and mind is sharper. I then have no trouble doing Sudoku on my return home!The other great bonus with Pilates is that if you have had an accident, sprain etc, the physiotherapists are there to help  you in conjunction with Laura who will modify your exercises until you are up to speed again.  I hope to carry on for many years to come." ~ Rona Chave 4.4.16 "I've enjoyed going to Pilates because after 11 years I know it works for my ageing body.  I also know that the exercises you've given me are subtle, yet they have a positive effect on my circulation, balance, strength and core stability.  After all those years I'm still grateful that my GP recommended Pilates to ease the continuous discomfort of ME and Fibromyalgia as well as keeping my 'demanding' back on an even keel.  And if there's a problem I can rely on Laura to help me find another exercise.  At my age it's also very special to regularly meet other people.  And, as you know, we have a lot of fun as well!" ~ Huberta Hellendoorn 6.04.16 "My Pilates journey began eleven years ago. I had been attending yoga classes for some years and was beginning to experience more difficulty with some of the yoga poses. A work colleague suggested Pilate’s classes so I started with the mat exercises. The Pilates instructor noticed I was having difficulty getting down onto the mat and then to standing position so advised me to make an appointment with Kerryn for an assessment and personalised programme. I was having difficulty with my knees due to osteoarthritis. And so began my regular exercise programme at the Back In Motion studio at Centre City.I have had two knee replacements and found the pre and post surgery programmes organised for me certainly helped in a successful outcome.All the staff members are friendly and welcoming and the studio is a calm and peaceful area in which to work out.I am sure my regular attendance at Pilates has contributed to my general health and well being.My sincere thanks to Laura for her encouragement and support, as I continue on my Pilates journey." ~ Bev Rowlands 12.04.16 "Is it really 10 years??!
What began 10 years ago as a prehab / rehab for rotator cuff surgery has turned in to a most enjoyable and suitable supplementary exercise programme for me and my ageing, achy body!  Pilates has become an important part of my weekly routine.
I love the non-pressure gym situation in a small environment, the friendly and helpful staff and the lovely new people I have met.  The socialisation aspect has been a real bonus - mind and body therapy in a single package! 
Thank you Team Back in Motion" ~ Rachel Broughton 12.04.16 
Elizabeth working with Senior Physiotherapist, Director & Pilates Instructor Kerryn Tutty Barrie Peak working out in the Back In Motion Mornington Studio